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Do you own a house in Sydney and you would like it to appear as though it were new no matter the number of years you have been in that house? Well, here is solution for you. Get the best service for your wall. Hire the best and well experienced Wallpaper Installation & Wallpaper Removal Sydney services

Wallpapers are used to give your room a superb appearance by bringing in color images and patterns to your home. Most of the wallpapers come with adhesive underside on the wall or you have to use your own adhesive.

Sometimes you need to remove old wallpaper to paint the wall clean it or change the interior design patterns on the walls. Most wallpaper leave some material on the wall or get damaged on the way.

When you are looking for wallpaper removal Sydney service you need to know how the wallpaper will be removed first.

Strip it down

The wallpaper removal sydney experts use the right tools and commercial Wallpaper Steamer, making sure walls don’t get damaged on the way. When done professionally, Once the wallpaper is removed there will be paste left on the wall, we use high quality solvents to remove it immediately. Ready for a Paint or Wallpapering.


Most wallpapers require steam wallpaper removal methods to get off the wall without leaving any materials on the wall. This method is also used to remove layers of paper on the wall. It is also used when removing many types of wallpaper in several walls. This method is faster and easier.

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Use of solvents

If the wallpaper is painted on, it can be removed with special techniques. The chemical strippers are also used to remove wallpapers that are resistant to water. The fabric softeners also remove some kinds of wallpapers.

If the wallpapers are made of vinyl, they can be skinned from the backing with ease. You can leave the backing on the wall to act as the lining for the next wallpaper. However, if there are loose areas on the backing, strip it too.

Sometimes the paste used for sticking the wallpapers has to be softened before the wallpapers can be removed. The wallpaper removal experts add some cellulose paste, detergent, and warm water and scrape off the paste after a few minutes.

Having the wallpaper removed by an expert ensures minimal damage to the wall and other fixtures that may be running on the wall. Some methods that that use the water and detergent may be too dangerous if used close to power sockets and light fixtures without expert knowledge.


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