Get the perfect paint job for your house in Sydney

A well-painted house is very attractive, welcoming anddefinitely, a place you would like to rest and enjoy your time.Painting all protects the walls and makes it easy to clean them when they get dirty.

Having a professional paint job requires a mix of the right tools, quality paint, and professional painters to handle the work. Here are other tips to help get quality interior painting & exterior painting in Sydney.

Choose the right color

There are hundreds of colors that you can use for your home. In the selection of the right color, consider your personal preferences, the style of the furniture in your home, and the amount of natural light that gets into the home.

Choosing the right paint

You can choose between water-based paints and oil-based paints for your home. Water-based paints are more common in a residential setting. Emulsion paints produce better results and are cleaner than other types of water-based paints.

The two common finishes are the silk finish and matt finish. However, other variants that include the eggshell finish, which is low glass, satin finish for areas that receive high traffic and get dirty easily, and the light reflecting emulsion among others.

Preparing the walls for painting

The walls and the ceiling should look decent before you start your painting job. They should be dry, cleans and dirt-free. There should be any wallpapers or sticky paste on the wall for a smooth finish. All blistering should be removed and any blemishes on the surface filled.

Use a primer

A professional Sydney painter will recommend the type of primer that you need for your bare wall. The primer is needed especially when using oil-based paints. It is also used for the preparation of the walls when using emulsion paints. You can use emulsion over several wallpapers if they are in good condition. However, if the wallpaper is textured, it will show through the paint.

How many coats does your wall need?

The number of coats that the Sydney painter will use on your wall depends on the texture of the wall, the color, and presence of any wallpaper. There are dark colors or textured wallpapers that require up to three coats of emulsion. However, the paint should be left to dry between coatings.

While you can do your painting job in Sydney for small rooms, it is recommended that you hire a professional painter. You will get better quality finish and professional advice in the selection of colors and types of paints.