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Painting your home and breathing new life to its look is a much-needed thing these days. Plus, you also want to spruce up your home and make it feel more interesting and enticing. That’s where the need for hiring house painters comes into play. Our residential painters Sydney is here to ensure that you have access to comprehensive, professional painting services that you can always rely on.

We have a team of dedicated house painters Sydney that can help take your home’s look and feel to the next level. The way you paint your home can have a direct impact on its look, and it will certainly influence how others will see your home in the long term. We are firm believers that with the right house paint, you can finally enhance your home’s look. Plus, it will also help you prevent corrosion, insects, Mould damage and many others. All of these go to show why you want to hire residential painters Sydney right away.

Professional house painters or a DIY approach?

Going the DIY route is something a lot of homeowners do, just so they can save some time and money. The truth is that you always want to hire house painting professionals if you want a good result. If you try to do this yourself, you need knowledge, expertise and the right equipment. All of that can be very expensive, and it’s definitely something you want to avoid. It will take a lot of time and money to accumulate all of this. So, it’s a much better idea to try and hire the best residential painters Sydney for the best results.

High quality workmanship

Here at Total Colour Painting, we value workmanship, and we always deliver a very high-quality service. We understand how important it is to paint your home the right way. That’s why we only use high quality, eco-friendly paint and we take extreme measures to protect your home. Yes, we use masking tape and the best equipment to prevent any damage being done to your home. Once you work with us, you will be amazed with our professionalism and great focus on delivering an excellent result.

You are in control and choose the right colors, and then we will bring your vision to life. We ensure that all your instructions are followed accordingly, and we will also perform a complete cleanup once we finish everything. Once you use our services, you can rest assured that you’ll have the best house painters Sydney working around the clock to bring your vision to life.

Affordable pricing

One of the advantages you get from hiring our residential painters Sydney is that we bring you some of the best prices on the market. We always take a lot of pride in delivering our customers the very best experience and work quality. And at the same time, we keep our prices as affordable as possible. We know how important it is to bring a fresh coat of paint to your home, and we make that process seamless and quick. All you have to do is to work closely with us and we guarantee you will have excellent results in the long run.

We only use high quality paint

Our focus here at Total Colour Painting is to ensure that you have an excellent experience. That’s why we only use the best paint on the market. We rely on eco-friendly paint, because it doesn’t use chemicals, and it’s long-lasting. However, depending on the project, we can provide any type of paint you need. That way you can bring your vision to life in a way that’s professional, comprehensive and easy to adapt to your needs. We also use top tier equipment, so the results will always be excellent.

Why should you choose us as your house painters?

  • Our team is always on the clock and ready to assist with any house painting requirement
  • We are very efficient and can tackle any house painting project, regardless of its size
  • We bring some of the best and most affordable prices on the market
  • Our team is focused on cleanliness, and you can always rely on the safety and efficiency of our methods.
  • We have a comprehensive training system for our entire team. That way you can rest assured they will always assist you at their highest capability.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me with the paint colors?

Yes, if you’re not sure what paint colors you want to use, we will gladly assist. Our residential painters Sydney has a lot of experience in this niche, and they will give you all the necessary guidance and support.

Will you clean up after house painting?


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If you’re looking for the best house painting company, look no further! Our team at Total Colour Painting is the best option. All you have to do is contact us today for a free quote, and we can get started on your project!


Bathroom Waterproofing in Sydney

In addition to our top-notch residential painting services, we also understand the importance of maintaining the structural integrity of your home, especially in areas prone to moisture like bathrooms. That’s why we collaborate with Forest Waterproofing, experts in bathroom waterproofing in Sydney.

A well-protected bathroom ensures longevity and prevents water damage, mould, and other issues. Forest Waterproofing specializes in bathroom waterproofing, offering essential services to guarantee a dry and blissful space. If you’re considering bathroom waterproofing in Sydney, you can learn more about the essentials of the process.

At Total Colour Painting, we believe in comprehensive home care, and our partnership with Forest Waterproofing is a testament to that commitment. By addressing both aesthetics and structural integrity, we aim to provide you with a holistic solution for your home improvement needs.